Journey Comparison is a web-based tool that makes it possible to compare different modes of transport (cycle, foot, public transport and car) in terms of time, segment, cost, environmental load and calorie expenditure.

Journey Comparison is part of a larger project whose goal is to increase the use of sustainable modes of transport in the region. The basic idea is that people who re-evaluate their habits will make decisions based on parameters that are relevant to their everyday lives. The purpose of Journey Comparison is to provide an easily accessible tool that supports the re-evaluation of travel habits in general and emphasises sustainable modes of transport in particular.

Journey Comparison’s recommended segment is based on the shortest way from point A to point B for journeys on foot or bicycle but the fastest way for journeys by car. This means that the recommended route is not always the best in terms of traffic safety for walkers and cyclists. Journey times for public transport are based on Monday departures at 8 o’clock in the morning, while the journey times for car, cycle and foot are based on non-peak traffic hours.

The stated journey times include time for parking, paying parking charges and walking to and from the parking place.

Journey Comparison lets you compare journeys by cycle, foot, public transport and car for all towns and addresses in Skåne and the Copenhagen region.

The annual values are based on return journeys.

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