Why doesn’t Journey Comparison select my roadway/cycleway?
The service is built up by enthusiastic users who update the map service by adding footways and cycleways, for example. If a specific way is not shown in Journey Comparison, this means it has not yet been added. Since OpenStreetMap has many enthusiastic users in Lund, it is likely that it will be updated soon.
Why don’t the pins stick to the map?
If the pin does not stick, it is because you have dragged the pin to the place instead of first clicking on the pin and then clicking the address you want to pin. You can use the search field to easily find the exact address. The zoom function on the map will help you find your journey nodes throughout the entire Skåne and Copenhagen Region.
How is the information in Journey Comparison calculated?
Click the Information button to see the basis for all Journey Comparison calculations.
Why can’t I use Journey Comparison in Gothenburg?
At present, Journey Comparison is available only in the entire Skåne and Copenhagen Region. To make journey comparisons in other counties possible, other public transport companies will have to link up with Journey Comparison.
Why doesn’t the map scroll when I drag it with the mouse?
You are using Internet Explorer and are dragging too fast. Drag slower and it should work.
Varför ser man inte hela skärmbilden?
Journey Comparison was developed for a 1280 x 1024 screen to achieve the optimal map image.
Why does Journey Comparison show a route where some of the segments are actually one-way?
The user has probably not tagged the segment as one-way. The error will in all likelihood soon be corrected by other users. To minimise the number of errors, the Municipal Technical Office has reviewed the map for central Lund.
Why does Journey Comparison select a footway/cycleway over Helsingborg- Helsingör while cars and trains cross the Öresund Bridge when I compare commuter routes between Copenhagen and Lund?
This is an effect of how route planning is done. At present, it does not take into account that you can take your bicycle on the train. In addition, there is already the public transport alternative – use that alternative as an answer to your question.
A dialog box pops up that says ‘You have indicated a node with no connections. Please pin a new node nearby.’ Why?
Route planning is based on a way network. You are too far away from a way network to do the calculation.
A dialog box pops up that says ‘You have either entered an address for which there is no stop within 300 m or where the stops are too close to each other. Please pin a new node.’ Why?
Route planning cannot find a journey relation for public transport that is suitable for the route. This is particularly common if the segment between the start and end nodes is short.
What should I do if I have put one of the pins in the wrong place?
Click the pin in the left-hand field and place it on the desired address. Click ‘Compare Transport Mode’ or click the ‘Clear’ button and redo the search.
Why is my route not calculated when I search addresses?
You have to place the pins on the map manually. The address search only helps you find the address.
Why can I choose among Map, Satellite and OSM views?
Users are given the option to choose a map view to make navigation easier. It can sometimes be easier to orient yourself using a satellite view, and sometimes using a drawn map. OSM stands for OpenStreetMap, which is the database used for route planning. If you cannot find a route, you can click the OSM tab to check whether it has been entered in the database.

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